Why Us

"PCI" has been servicing the caravan industry for just on 40 years. Their extensive knowledge and experience puts them ahead of the rest. Working by their motto "Leading the way", "PCI" keep up to date with the latest and best technology and therefore consistently source the best and latest quality products available for use at every stage of the manufacturing process.

All chassis and parts are compliant with Australian Design Rules and Australian Standards set by RVM Australia. The chassis are manufactured to be suitable for the Australian climate and conditions. "PCI" provide a timely and efficient service to their customers and offer technical support, guidance and assistance to caravan manufacturers in the pursuit of excellence in manufacturing custom built caravans. All orders are reviewed before being issued to the factory floor to ensure any variations can be “built in” and do not compromise on quality and compliance standards.

Any caravan on a "PCI" frame is strong and sound and built specifically for the Australian Terrain. So great is the workmanship that all works are backed by warranty. Further, all products used also carry their own warranty.

Preston Chassis Industries Pty Ltd

  • "Leading the way" – we ensure we use the best quality products available to us in every aspect of our manufacturing process. We keep up to date with the latest and best technology.