About Us

Preston Chassis Industries Pty Ltd (PCI) was founded in the late 1970’s by 2 Italian immigrants, and started operations in a small factory. As the customer base grew and demand increased, the business relocated to a new and bigger premises specifically built at 2 Bancell Street, Campbellfield and currently still operate from here. Since then “PCI” have continued to grow steadily but rapidly, and to meet the demands of the growing industry and customer needs, acquired surrounding premises to facilitate growth.

The founder’s vision was to become one of Australia’s highest profile chassis manufacturer and supplier utilising the motor mechanic and boil maker skills that they have attained abroad. At the commencement of business, "PCI" would manufacture approximately 5 chassis per week. Today production has grown to manufacturing just under 80 per week. This growth and success is due to the distinction from competitors and being true to the (PCI) motto “Leading the way”. The core principals followed are;

  • Always seek and use superior quality materials
  • Where possible source and buy Australian made material
  • Use good quality Australian made steels

Before leaving the factory, products are always inspected for quality assurance. All products come with warranty and have the RVMAA (Recreational Vehicle Manufacturing Association of Australia) stamp of approval. Preston Chassis Industries is also a member of the CIA (Caravan Industry of Australia).

Bancell Street Campbellfield VIC 3061

About Us

Preston Chassis Industries